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December 3, 2015 @ 8:00 pm

TPATD008: Return to the Trap Side

Razor Boomerang (u/razorboomarang) - Math

From their debut project, Back to School

Razor Boomerang is RexRiot (vocals) & Jeff Milnazik (production)

Math Video

MHH Thread

SC - razor-boomarang

TW - @RazorBoomarang

"Rhythm Roulette" - Large Professor (u/Sushieatinbeast)

MHH Thread

Ryko (u/Polarbear36) - Balance

From his beat tape, Feng / Shui

MHH Thread

TW - @RKolczaski

BC -

How Important Is It to Listen to Old Hip Hop and  Learn about the Old Greats? (u/googleplexus2)

MHH Thread

Dex Amora X Golden Beets (u/tgoldenbeets) - idntfront

From their collaborative album Ai Level.

MHH Thread

BC -

Golden Beets TW - @goldenbeets

Dex Amora TW - @DexAmora

Making a Beat Less Repetitive (u/Ubereem)

MHH Thread

Ending Beats (u/TheTrueNakedBatman)

MHH Thread

Noise Witch (u/noisewitch) - The Conjurer

Winner of OKC 5

MHH OKC5 Voting Thread

MHH OKC5 Original Thread

Master Your Beat before or after Vocals? (u/kvdence)

MHH Thread

Jeepz (u/jeepzondabeatz) - Blu Moon

From his album, Soul Spins [The 50th Beat Tape!]

MHH Thread

BC -

TW - @jeepzondabeatz

IG - @iamjeepz

Future of Production in Hip Hop (u/Puntang_Crusher)

MHH Thread

Alliswell (u/Ozwel) - Death Wish

Winner of FTC 80. Original sample: Do a Thing by Herbie Hancock

MHH FTC80 Voting Thread

MHH FTC80 Original Thread


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