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September 18, 2015 @ 6:29 pm

TPATD003: Noho Fidel (aka Badtouch)

Bulletproof Tux (f. Sum, P​.​U​.​D​.​G​.​E​.​, Felix) by Malkovich Music

  • NoHo Fidel / New Music

  • Gear Particulars. Cool Edit Pro -> Acid -> Protools & Maschine

The Middleman by Noho Fidel

  • Beat Fighter - First MHH online 3 hour beat battle. Thanks u/theBRAVEstNoob for putting this together!

plastic, jerry! plastic! by Sandurz

  • Buying lotto tickets / Success

U Kno by Reptilian

  • Cyphers 35 & 36 / Lyrics & Flow

Home by Mowgli

25 bucks (Instrumental) by Danny Brown

Native Locals by Noho Fidel

  • The Pen Take

Q by Space People

  • Warbeats File Archive

  • Outro

Whose Booda (f. Sum, Chris Clarke, Ali Baba Abnormal) by Malkovich Music

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