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February 12, 2016 @ 3:16 pm

TPATD012: Self Promotion / LANDR

Welcome back to the Pen and the Drum. On this weeks episode Tha 5th Element is not with us but instead we are joined by Andy, Scott and Rory from LANDR. We talk about bit about their online, automated mastering service and then we discuss their No-Bullshit Musician’s Guide to Self-Promotion. We also hear music from Adam and Cuth, Lzu, Mike Holmes, AVerma and Edgar Cards. Enjoy!

Adam and Cuth (u/cuthmakesbeats) - Wasted Time

MHH Thread

No-Bullshit Musician's Guide To Self-Promotion (u/andylacroix)

  • Armies of Grassroots Followers Are Built with Trust, Credibility, and Authority
  • Set Up a Mailing List
  • Building an Audience
  • Your Website
  • Social Media

Lzu - Eu não sou mais um querendo te fuder, eu gosto de você

From the ablum,  Abstrações de você on u/Ridgewell ‘s label, Haju Tapes.

  • Press Kits: The Ultimate Calling Card
  • Reaching Out To Blogs and Other Outlets for Reviews

Mike Holmes (u/SupImHolmes) - The Last Invasion (prod. BIGOsSoul) (/u/SooWooMaster)

Winner of Best Song - GHH 22

MHH Thread

  • Debuting New Music
  • Playing Live

AVerma (u/AVerminator007) - Reminiscence

Winner of FTC 85

MHH Thread

  • Budget Your Promotion Time



Theme Song - Vitamin C - Johann Sebastian


Johann Sebastian


Edgar Cards (u/edgar_cards) - Farewell

MHH Thread

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January 15, 2016 @ 5:41 pm

TPATD011: Snug Life

We're back with another episode of the Pen and the Drum. Thanks to everyone for listening! This week we discuss NPR's Tiny Desk competition, some e-digging resources, a helpful tutorial about making 808s hit hard, vocal warm up techniques for rappers, and using drum breaks in your beats. We also hear music from host, Johann Sebastian, Andrew Clay, AVerma, Sunrey, Mezzo, BigOsSoul and Ozwell. Enjoy!

Johann Sebastian (u/jbachman) - Fell for You

FTC 84 Winner

MHH Thread

NPR Tiny Desk Competition (u/nprben)

MHH Thread

Andrew Clay (u/akitter) - Oxymoron

Cypher 51 winner

MHH Thread

Sample Blog List (u/Cdirk)

MHH Thread

AVerma (u/AVerminator007) - OKC11

OKC 11 Winner

MHH Thread

How To Make 808's Hit Hard With Layering (u/GabrielHawk)

MHH Thread

Sunrey (u/sunnyhiphop) - Hunger

Cypher 1 Winner

MHH Thread

R.A. The Rugged Man Demonstrates Voice Training Techniques (u/krakrocks)

MHH Thread

Mezzo (u/TrueMezzo) - OKC 10

OKC 10 Winner

MHH Thread

How Many People Still Use Drum Breaks (u/TheTrueNakedBatman)

MHH Thread

BigOsSoul (u/SooWooMaster) - You Are a Toy

From the irCloud Tape

MHH Thread

Flip the Script


Beat Fighter Update



Logo - Kings County Light Haus

Theme Song - Vitamin C - Johann Sebastian


Johann Sebastian

Tha 5th Element

Ozwell - Pray for the Gods

Beat Fighter Quarter Final Round 3 winner

MHH Thread

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January 5, 2016 @ 3:12 pm

TPATD010: The Ugly Sweater Party

The Ugly Sweater Party was a google hangout we did last week where a group of MakingHipHop members were encouraged to bring their worst song they’ve ever made and play them for the group. Thanks to everyone who participated!
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December 16, 2015 @ 6:01 am

TPATD009: Hoodrow Trillson / Beat Fighter

In this episode Sandurz is out on vacation and Hoodrow Trillson fills in as guest host along with Tha 5th Element and Johann Sebastian. Hoodrow is the host and organizer of the popular online beat battle series, Beat Fighter. We talk about how Beat Fighter came to be and a bunch of other threads brought up on the forum such as tips for online collaboration, how to make tracks more aggressive and how awesome the IRC is.

Hoodrow Trillson / Beat Fighter

Chris Wright & Ace Jr - Bury 'Em (prod. Hoodrow Trillson & J MegaStar)

Winners of GHH 21

MHH Thread

Online Collaboration

Hobbes Duende (u/HobbesDuende) - Son, No Star

From his new beat tape, Audible Heat. Also available on Bandcamp

MHH Thread

SC - hobbes-duende

BC -

How do I make a track more aggressive? (u/8bitcrocodile)

MHH Thread

The Virus (u/Liam_Cunt) - Don’tTalkJustListen Pt 1 feat Kamiyada

From the DTJL: Live On VHS (Trilogy) EP

MHH Thread

The Virus FB -

The Virus SC -

Kamiyada SC -

TW - @spacegodkami

Recording: Tracked out or Pre-rendered beat? (u/kvdence)

MHH Thread

Reptillian (u/sash7) - Blessed

From his project, Spaced Out Instrumentals

MHH Thread

SC - thareptilian

TW - @ReptilianBeats

YT - sashworld

Top Cuts: Year End Top 10 (u/BOOF_RADLEY)

MHH Thread

TPATD Ugly Sweater Episode

Released on 12/30

Ragnarok (u/Ragnatronik) - Mirin’

Winner of OKC 8

MHH Thread

SC - schaabmart


Join the MHH chat conversation on the MakingHipHop IRC

Please and Vote on Competitions and Upvote for visibility


The Pen and the Drum Website

MakingHipHop subreddit - r/makinghiphop

The Pen and the Drum Twitter - @TPATD_Podcast

plcmt (u/PHtreester) - liife

From his new beat tape, sierra

MHH Thread

IG - @rbgilmore

SC -

BC -

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December 3, 2015 @ 8:00 pm

TPATD008: Return to the Trap Side

Razor Boomerang (u/razorboomarang) - Math

From their debut project, Back to School

Razor Boomerang is RexRiot (vocals) & Jeff Milnazik (production)

Math Video

MHH Thread

SC - razor-boomarang

TW - @RazorBoomarang

"Rhythm Roulette" - Large Professor (u/Sushieatinbeast)

MHH Thread

Ryko (u/Polarbear36) - Balance

From his beat tape, Feng / Shui

MHH Thread

TW - @RKolczaski

BC -

How Important Is It to Listen to Old Hip Hop and  Learn about the Old Greats? (u/googleplexus2)

MHH Thread

Dex Amora X Golden Beets (u/tgoldenbeets) - idntfront

From their collaborative album Ai Level.

MHH Thread

BC -

Golden Beets TW - @goldenbeets

Dex Amora TW - @DexAmora

Making a Beat Less Repetitive (u/Ubereem)

MHH Thread

Ending Beats (u/TheTrueNakedBatman)

MHH Thread

Noise Witch (u/noisewitch) - The Conjurer

Winner of OKC 5

MHH OKC5 Voting Thread

MHH OKC5 Original Thread

Master Your Beat before or after Vocals? (u/kvdence)

MHH Thread

Jeepz (u/jeepzondabeatz) - Blu Moon

From his album, Soul Spins [The 50th Beat Tape!]

MHH Thread

BC -

TW - @jeepzondabeatz

IG - @iamjeepz

Future of Production in Hip Hop (u/Puntang_Crusher)

MHH Thread

Alliswell (u/Ozwel) - Death Wish

Winner of FTC 80. Original sample: Do a Thing by Herbie Hancock

MHH FTC80 Voting Thread

MHH FTC80 Original Thread


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November 18, 2015 @ 3:20 pm

TPATD007: Don’t Be Cheesy


The Pen and the Drum -

Making Hip Hop -

Beat Fighter

YLXA (u/Dysaniaj) - Don’t Want

From his beat tape, Cafe Con Leche

Free download on Bandcamp. $5 Painted Cassete

MHH Thread

SoundCloud - ylxa

First Show Experience (u/sirDIGGY_)

MHH Thread

SoundCloud - sir-diggy

Twitter - sirDIGGY_

Andrew Clay (u/akitter)- Day Job (MTC6)

From his Life Alert EP

MHH Thread

SoundCloud - andrewclay

What Does It Mean to Be Cheesy? (u/blk_out_music)

MHH Thread

Reeg (u/ReeG)- It Don't Stop

Cypher Vol 44 - Theme: First Time

Orig Thread

Voting Thread

Twitter - TheRealReeG

Headphone Roundup (u/CircleMeth)

MHH Thread

Reptilian (u/sash7) - Spaced Out

FTC Vol 77

Sample: Howard Shore - The Silence of the Lambs

Twitter -ReptilianBeats

Question about Singing/Rapping on the Beat (u/AtlasAtlasAtlas)

MHH Thread

Khan-Ji - Hank Hill

Singles Thread

Instagram - paul.cuh


Program to Organize Your Drum Kits (/u/agggile)

MHH Thread with instructions

Two Versions:

  • Advanced - You determine the file patterns and their respective folders

  • Dumbed-Down - You select a drumkit and it will use a set of pre-determined patterns and folder names for organizing

500mb Free Samples from Prime Loops (u/PrimeLoops)

PrimeLoops Download

MHH Thread

Grady K (u/GradyK) - Ambience

OKC Winner

Soundcloud - grady_k

BALLAS (u/Darellissa) - Central Spirit

From his Office Beats: An iPhone Mixtape

Soundcloud - ballasbeats


Twitter: @TPATD_Podcast


Subscribe to us on iTunes: The Pen and the Drum by The Pen and the Drum on iTunes

Rate and Review us on iTunes

Plugs and Shoutouts

BLACK DAVINCI - $econd Motion (MTC6)

From his Razor Bumps Vol 8

MHH Thread

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November 4, 2015 @ 3:43 pm

TPATD006: The Last Big Dig

The Pen and the Drum Episode 6: The Last Big Dig

Welcome to Episode 6 of the Pen and the Drum. In this episode we talk about some new upgrades to the podcast, discuss some advice u/TheHound585 wrote about on the sub, and give a goodby (for now) to the Dig This Challenge.

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October 21, 2015 @ 4:17 pm

TPATD005: MakingHipHop Listening Party

This week, it’s a listening party. We listen to, enjoy and critique various tracks from the subreddit. Come hang.

MakingHipHop Mixoff Contest

  • A new mixing competition with a $50 cash prize from the artist.

One Kit Challenge Volume 1 - New production challenge where competitors produce tracks from the same set of samples

Thanks for hanging!

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October 10, 2015 @ 7:55 pm

TPATD004: Booking Shows and Performing Live with Dr. Bobby Banner, MPC

Booking Live Shows

  • How to Book Shows

    • Why Play Live Shows?

      • Helps build your fan base

      • Helps develop your flow and skills

    • Finding the Right Show

      • Find a show that matches your experience, following and skill level

      • You are going to have to play for free at first

      • You are going to have to open up shows at first

      • You are going to have to play weekday shows at first

      • You might have to travel if your right show doesn’t happen in you town

      • Get creative about meeting other artists

    • Kinds of Shows

      • Open Mics - A safe place to develop

      • Pay to Play Showcases - A bad idea (mostly)

      • Organizing Your Own Show - A lot of work and money

        • Dr. Bobby Banner's Step by Step Guide to Booking a Show

      • Unconventional Shows

      • Opening for a Local - A good opportunity

    • Venues

      • Look for venues that throw the kind of show you could get on

      • Go to some shows and introduce yourself to the owner/manager

      • Facebook event subscriptions for venues near you

    • Artists

      • Go to some shows with local talent and meet people

      • "Where Are You from?" Threads on MHH

    • Promoters

      • Primary bookers at some venues

      • Promoters are often genre specific

      • Subscribe to Promoters or Venues events on Facebook

    • Electronic Press Kit

  • How to Prepare for Your Show

    • Get Details

      • 21+

      • Price

      • Times / Schedule

      • Set length

    • Prepare Your Instrumentals

    • Practice Your Set

    • Promote

      • It is your responsibility to promote

      • Make a facebook event

  • The Night of the Show

    • Show up on Time

    • Set Time aside in Your Day for the Show

    • Perform in a Sober State of Mind

    • Work with the Staff Not against Them

    • Be Ready for Your Set Time

    • Have a Set List Prepared


    • Ask for Adjustments from Your Sound Tech

    • Introduce Yourself

    • Respect Your Set Length

    • Get off the Stage Quickly When Your Set Is Over

    • Stick around and Meet People

    • Invite Someone to Photograph or Shoot Video of Your Show

  • Follow Up

    • Thank Your Fans on Social Media for Coming Out

    • Share Some Photos of the Show

    • Thank the Booker / Promoter

Mixtape / Beattape Posts

  • Label your beattape/mixtape posts and provide descriptive content

  • Posting projects is for recently active members only


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September 18, 2015 @ 6:29 pm

TPATD003: Noho Fidel (aka Badtouch)

Bulletproof Tux (f. Sum, P​.​U​.​D​.​G​.​E​.​, Felix) by Malkovich Music

  • NoHo Fidel / New Music

  • Gear Particulars. Cool Edit Pro -> Acid -> Protools & Maschine

The Middleman by Noho Fidel

  • Beat Fighter - First MHH online 3 hour beat battle. Thanks u/theBRAVEstNoob for putting this together!

plastic, jerry! plastic! by Sandurz

  • Buying lotto tickets / Success

U Kno by Reptilian

  • Cyphers 35 & 36 / Lyrics & Flow

Home by Mowgli

25 bucks (Instrumental) by Danny Brown

Native Locals by Noho Fidel

  • The Pen Take

Q by Space People

  • Warbeats File Archive

  • Outro

Whose Booda (f. Sum, Chris Clarke, Ali Baba Abnormal) by Malkovich Music

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