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January 15, 2016 @ 5:41 pm

TPATD011: Snug Life

We're back with another episode of the Pen and the Drum. Thanks to everyone for listening! This week we discuss NPR's Tiny Desk competition, some e-digging resources, a helpful tutorial about making 808s hit hard, vocal warm up techniques for rappers, and using drum breaks in your beats. We also hear music from host, Johann Sebastian, Andrew Clay, AVerma, Sunrey, Mezzo, BigOsSoul and Ozwell. Enjoy!

Johann Sebastian (u/jbachman) - Fell for You

FTC 84 Winner

MHH Thread

NPR Tiny Desk Competition (u/nprben)

MHH Thread

Andrew Clay (u/akitter) - Oxymoron

Cypher 51 winner

MHH Thread

Sample Blog List (u/Cdirk)

MHH Thread

AVerma (u/AVerminator007) - OKC11

OKC 11 Winner

MHH Thread

How To Make 808's Hit Hard With Layering (u/GabrielHawk)

MHH Thread

Sunrey (u/sunnyhiphop) - Hunger

Cypher 1 Winner

MHH Thread

R.A. The Rugged Man Demonstrates Voice Training Techniques (u/krakrocks)

MHH Thread

Mezzo (u/TrueMezzo) - OKC 10

OKC 10 Winner

MHH Thread

How Many People Still Use Drum Breaks (u/TheTrueNakedBatman)

MHH Thread

BigOsSoul (u/SooWooMaster) - You Are a Toy

From the irCloud Tape

MHH Thread

Flip the Script


Beat Fighter Update



Logo - Kings County Light Haus

Theme Song - Vitamin C - Johann Sebastian


Johann Sebastian

Tha 5th Element

Ozwell - Pray for the Gods

Beat Fighter Quarter Final Round 3 winner

MHH Thread

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