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October 21, 2015 @ 4:17 pm

TPATD005: MakingHipHop Listening Party

This week, it’s a listening party. We listen to, enjoy and critique various tracks from the subreddit. Come hang.

MakingHipHop Mixoff Contest

  • A new mixing competition with a $50 cash prize from the artist.

One Kit Challenge Volume 1 - New production challenge where competitors produce tracks from the same set of samples

Thanks for hanging!

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October 10, 2015 @ 7:55 pm

TPATD004: Booking Shows and Performing Live with Dr. Bobby Banner, MPC

Booking Live Shows

  • How to Book Shows

    • Why Play Live Shows?

      • Helps build your fan base

      • Helps develop your flow and skills

    • Finding the Right Show

      • Find a show that matches your experience, following and skill level

      • You are going to have to play for free at first

      • You are going to have to open up shows at first

      • You are going to have to play weekday shows at first

      • You might have to travel if your right show doesn’t happen in you town

      • Get creative about meeting other artists

    • Kinds of Shows

      • Open Mics - A safe place to develop

      • Pay to Play Showcases - A bad idea (mostly)

      • Organizing Your Own Show - A lot of work and money

        • Dr. Bobby Banner's Step by Step Guide to Booking a Show

      • Unconventional Shows

      • Opening for a Local - A good opportunity

    • Venues

      • Look for venues that throw the kind of show you could get on

      • Go to some shows and introduce yourself to the owner/manager

      • Facebook event subscriptions for venues near you

    • Artists

      • Go to some shows with local talent and meet people

      • "Where Are You from?" Threads on MHH

    • Promoters

      • Primary bookers at some venues

      • Promoters are often genre specific

      • Subscribe to Promoters or Venues events on Facebook

    • Electronic Press Kit

  • How to Prepare for Your Show

    • Get Details

      • 21+

      • Price

      • Times / Schedule

      • Set length

    • Prepare Your Instrumentals

    • Practice Your Set

    • Promote

      • It is your responsibility to promote

      • Make a facebook event

  • The Night of the Show

    • Show up on Time

    • Set Time aside in Your Day for the Show

    • Perform in a Sober State of Mind

    • Work with the Staff Not against Them

    • Be Ready for Your Set Time

    • Have a Set List Prepared


    • Ask for Adjustments from Your Sound Tech

    • Introduce Yourself

    • Respect Your Set Length

    • Get off the Stage Quickly When Your Set Is Over

    • Stick around and Meet People

    • Invite Someone to Photograph or Shoot Video of Your Show

  • Follow Up

    • Thank Your Fans on Social Media for Coming Out

    • Share Some Photos of the Show

    • Thank the Booker / Promoter

Mixtape / Beattape Posts

  • Label your beattape/mixtape posts and provide descriptive content

  • Posting projects is for recently active members only


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