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November 18, 2015 @ 3:20 pm

TPATD007: Don’t Be Cheesy


The Pen and the Drum -

Making Hip Hop -

Beat Fighter

YLXA (u/Dysaniaj) - Don’t Want

From his beat tape, Cafe Con Leche

Free download on Bandcamp. $5 Painted Cassete

MHH Thread

SoundCloud - ylxa

First Show Experience (u/sirDIGGY_)

MHH Thread

SoundCloud - sir-diggy

Twitter - sirDIGGY_

Andrew Clay (u/akitter)- Day Job (MTC6)

From his Life Alert EP

MHH Thread

SoundCloud - andrewclay

What Does It Mean to Be Cheesy? (u/blk_out_music)

MHH Thread

Reeg (u/ReeG)- It Don't Stop

Cypher Vol 44 - Theme: First Time

Orig Thread

Voting Thread

Twitter - TheRealReeG

Headphone Roundup (u/CircleMeth)

MHH Thread

Reptilian (u/sash7) - Spaced Out

FTC Vol 77

Sample: Howard Shore - The Silence of the Lambs

Twitter -ReptilianBeats

Question about Singing/Rapping on the Beat (u/AtlasAtlasAtlas)

MHH Thread

Khan-Ji - Hank Hill

Singles Thread

Instagram - paul.cuh


Program to Organize Your Drum Kits (/u/agggile)

MHH Thread with instructions

Two Versions:

  • Advanced - You determine the file patterns and their respective folders

  • Dumbed-Down - You select a drumkit and it will use a set of pre-determined patterns and folder names for organizing

500mb Free Samples from Prime Loops (u/PrimeLoops)

PrimeLoops Download

MHH Thread

Grady K (u/GradyK) - Ambience

OKC Winner

Soundcloud - grady_k

BALLAS (u/Darellissa) - Central Spirit

From his Office Beats: An iPhone Mixtape

Soundcloud - ballasbeats


Twitter: @TPATD_Podcast


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Plugs and Shoutouts

BLACK DAVINCI - $econd Motion (MTC6)

From his Razor Bumps Vol 8

MHH Thread

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November 4, 2015 @ 3:43 pm

TPATD006: The Last Big Dig

The Pen and the Drum Episode 6: The Last Big Dig

Welcome to Episode 6 of the Pen and the Drum. In this episode we talk about some new upgrades to the podcast, discuss some advice u/TheHound585 wrote about on the sub, and give a goodby (for now) to the Dig This Challenge.

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