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December 16, 2015 @ 6:01 am

TPATD009: Hoodrow Trillson / Beat Fighter

In this episode Sandurz is out on vacation and Hoodrow Trillson fills in as guest host along with Tha 5th Element and Johann Sebastian. Hoodrow is the host and organizer of the popular online beat battle series, Beat Fighter. We talk about how Beat Fighter came to be and a bunch of other threads brought up on the forum such as tips for online collaboration, how to make tracks more aggressive and how awesome the IRC is.

Hoodrow Trillson / Beat Fighter

Chris Wright & Ace Jr - Bury 'Em (prod. Hoodrow Trillson & J MegaStar)

Winners of GHH 21

MHH Thread

Online Collaboration

Hobbes Duende (u/HobbesDuende) - Son, No Star

From his new beat tape, Audible Heat. Also available on Bandcamp

MHH Thread

SC - hobbes-duende

BC -

How do I make a track more aggressive? (u/8bitcrocodile)

MHH Thread

The Virus (u/Liam_Cunt) - Don’tTalkJustListen Pt 1 feat Kamiyada

From the DTJL: Live On VHS (Trilogy) EP

MHH Thread

The Virus FB -

The Virus SC -

Kamiyada SC -

TW - @spacegodkami

Recording: Tracked out or Pre-rendered beat? (u/kvdence)

MHH Thread

Reptillian (u/sash7) - Blessed

From his project, Spaced Out Instrumentals

MHH Thread

SC - thareptilian

TW - @ReptilianBeats

YT - sashworld

Top Cuts: Year End Top 10 (u/BOOF_RADLEY)

MHH Thread

TPATD Ugly Sweater Episode

Released on 12/30

Ragnarok (u/Ragnatronik) - Mirin’

Winner of OKC 8

MHH Thread

SC - schaabmart


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The Pen and the Drum Website

MakingHipHop subreddit - r/makinghiphop

The Pen and the Drum Twitter - @TPATD_Podcast

plcmt (u/PHtreester) - liife

From his new beat tape, sierra

MHH Thread

IG - @rbgilmore

SC -

BC -

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December 3, 2015 @ 8:00 pm

TPATD008: Return to the Trap Side

Razor Boomerang (u/razorboomarang) - Math

From their debut project, Back to School

Razor Boomerang is RexRiot (vocals) & Jeff Milnazik (production)

Math Video

MHH Thread

SC - razor-boomarang

TW - @RazorBoomarang

"Rhythm Roulette" - Large Professor (u/Sushieatinbeast)

MHH Thread

Ryko (u/Polarbear36) - Balance

From his beat tape, Feng / Shui

MHH Thread

TW - @RKolczaski

BC -

How Important Is It to Listen to Old Hip Hop and  Learn about the Old Greats? (u/googleplexus2)

MHH Thread

Dex Amora X Golden Beets (u/tgoldenbeets) - idntfront

From their collaborative album Ai Level.

MHH Thread

BC -

Golden Beets TW - @goldenbeets

Dex Amora TW - @DexAmora

Making a Beat Less Repetitive (u/Ubereem)

MHH Thread

Ending Beats (u/TheTrueNakedBatman)

MHH Thread

Noise Witch (u/noisewitch) - The Conjurer

Winner of OKC 5

MHH OKC5 Voting Thread

MHH OKC5 Original Thread

Master Your Beat before or after Vocals? (u/kvdence)

MHH Thread

Jeepz (u/jeepzondabeatz) - Blu Moon

From his album, Soul Spins [The 50th Beat Tape!]

MHH Thread

BC -

TW - @jeepzondabeatz

IG - @iamjeepz

Future of Production in Hip Hop (u/Puntang_Crusher)

MHH Thread

Alliswell (u/Ozwel) - Death Wish

Winner of FTC 80. Original sample: Do a Thing by Herbie Hancock

MHH FTC80 Voting Thread

MHH FTC80 Original Thread


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